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President, Representative Director Fumitaka Nakamura

Representative Director
Fumitaka Nakamura

In November 2004, Nippon Aqua Co., Ltd. was established with the goal of enhancing Japan's living environment. Since then, we have been working to spread the use of our high airtight, super-insulated on-site spray polyurethane foam insulation —AQUA FOAM. Under a management philosophy of contributing to society by creating a human- and eco-friendly living environment, we aspire to be a leading supplier of polyurethane insulation, raw materials, products, and energy-saving products aimed at contributing to an energy-efficient housing industry.


The Energy-saving Standard was designed to increase the energy efficiency of housing. Broadening its scope, however, the primary purpose of the standard is to ensure the construction of high-quality housing that reflects four key concepts: comfort, health, energy saving, and durability. Against this backdrop, there is an increasing need for higher levels of insulation and air tightness.


Today, Nippon Aqua Co., Ltd. has the largest share of the construction market in Japan for on-site spray polyurethane foam insulation. Applying advantages of scale to meet customer needs nationwide and our product development expertise, we are expanding applications of the AQUA FOAM insulation series from detached houses to buildings. We will remain committed to improving the living environment to help people live comfortably, while playing an active role in preventing global warming.

Corporate Profile

Company Name Nippon Aqua Co., Ltd.
Headquarter Taiyo Seimei Shinagawa Building 20F
2-16-2 Kounan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0075 Japan
Founded November 29, 2004
Board of Directors
Representative Director
Fumitaka Nakamura
Senior Executive Director
Yuka Murakami
Kazuhisa Nagata
Tadahiko Tsuchiya
Yuki Matsuda
Nofumi Higuchi
Junichi Tamagami
Yusuke Nakanishi
Hidetaka Nishina
Hiroshi Kondo
Capital 1,903,369 thousand yen
Business Description Construction and Sale of "AQUA FOAM" , insulation material foamed by the power of water
Development, Manufacturing, Sale of merchandise related for energy saving housing
Employees 438 (as of December 31, 2021)
House Bank MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
The Musashino Bank, Ltd.
Saitama Resona Bank,Limited
head office

Our Business

Nationwide construction and sales network/Seamless system to provide insulation design and related materials

Based on unparalleled construction expertise, as a building material manufacturer specializing in thermal insulation/shield aimed at increasing the energy efficiency of housing, Nippon Aqua Co., Ltd. has become the first choice of a large number of customers in the energy-saving home building industry.

Product Development

Our main business is the construction and sale of insulation materials. And, we have developed a series of energy-saving products that include our core "AQUA FOAM" insulators, heat insulating sheets, and spacers.

"AQUA FOAM" is a thermal insulation material using carbon dioxide gas as a blowing agent generated by the chemical reaction of isocyanate and polyol containing water. It is eco-friendly insulation material because of low GWP and no Freon usage.

We also perform insulation using other polyurethane materials such as A1 and B type (JIS) for buildings. Furthermore, we have developed "AQUA FOAM NEO" using HFO as a zero ODP blowing agents, for developing our business for detached houses as well as buildings.

Product Development
Sales Network

As to insulation material sale and construction, our sales network consists of more than 40 sales offices (as of March 2014) to allow a build-to-order throughout the country.

We have built a system that can provide a consistent service, procurement and sales of raw materials according to our specification, thermal insulation design, sale and construction of related materials such as heat shield material.

Construction Network

We are building an construction system to flexibly and quickly deal with the customers, by combining certified contractors and our own construction teams across the country, while maintaining high construction quality of insulation.


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